Hand Reflexology for the Common Cold

Ugh colds! Sore heads, congestion and runny noses, or as my 2 year old says, ‘I got snot.’

In this tutorial, I will share some simple hand reflexology you can use on yourself, friends or family suffering with a cold.

To keep it simple, let’s focus on 3 reflex points:

  • The head reflex – the thumb
  • The sinus reflex – the fingers
  • The eye and ear area – the base of the fingers

The main technique to use is the thumb walk/caterpillar walk.  Use your thumb to press down, then lift a little, press down, then lift a little.  This should resemble a caterpillar’s movements, hence the name!

The Head Reflex 

Firstly, a heads up (lame pun, sorry!) There’s a lot of ‘thumb’ action going on in this description:

You will either be making use of your thumb to work the thumb of your other hand (and then swap over) if doing self-reflexology OR you will be using your thumb to work the thumbs of your friend/loved one.

Start by thumb/caterpillar walking from the tip of the thumb to the base of the thumb.  Try to cover the full thumb area: i.e. thumb walk down one side of the thumb, slide your thumb back up to the top of the thumb, move your thumb over a little, thumb walk down again, and repeat until you have done this 2-3 times and covered the full thumb area.

(Told you, loads of thumb action in that description!)


The Sinus Reflex 

Next up, the sinuses.  Using the same caterpillar walk movement, walk your thumb from the tip of one finger down to the base of that finger.  You can do this 1-3 times per finger to cover as much area of each of the fingers.  Repeat for each of the four fingers.


The Eye/Ear General Area

Finally, the eyes and ears reflexes.  Using your thumb, caterpillar walk following the linthis book e from the base of the baby finger to the base of the index finger.  You can also pause between each finger and do little circular movements to stimulate specific reflex points:

  • between the index and middle finger – the eye point
  • between the index and ring finger – the Eustachian tube point
  • between the ring finger and baby finger – the outer ear


Once you’ve covered these reflexes on one hand, repeat on the other hand. And that’s it!

Keep a look out for my upcoming hand/self reflexology blog tutorials and videos

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