Why Choose to have Reflexology at Home


For a while I offered my clients the choice to see me at treatment rooms in Covent Garden or Waterloo but I found the majority of my clients opt for reflexology at home. I now am an exclusively mobile only business.

Here are 10 reasons why:

  1. You dont have to leave the house
  2. You dont have to dress up or do the whole make up thing if you’re at home
  3. You dont have to deal with some sort of commute
  4. You dont have to worry about parking
  5. You dont need to set aside extra time to travel to and from your appointment
  6. You dont have to worry about being on time or late, because you’re already there
  7. You can feel comfortable in your own space
  8. You dont have to arrange childcare
  9. You can continue to relax after the session
  10. You can fall asleep straight after the session

If reflexology at home sounds like it’s for you, please get in touch
or click here to book an appointment

Little Steps Reflexology offers reflexology in the comfort of your home in Central and South East London

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